The Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) rating is a NZ Government approved quality mark developed and overseen by the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA). The UMFHA is a collection of NZ beekeepers, packers, exporters, and distributors established for the good of the industry.

The UMF testing process is the most comprehensive analysis in the industry. Unlike other grading systems, UMF ensures that all of the key signature compounds which together identify genuine, high-quality Manuka Honey are present.

The UMF number on the honey’s label indicates the level of quality and purity of the product. Every batch of honey must go through a series of checks to ensure the ultimate in authenticity, quality, and safety. All UMF license holders are independently audited to meet stringent standards of production, manufacturing, sampling and handling. So when you see the letters UMF you can be sure you’re buying 100% natural, unadulterated Manuka Honey.

While some honey producers undertake other rating systems, UMF is an unbiased, independent authority set up to certify genuine, high-quality Manuka Honey.


We use the UMF® quality trademark and grading system to guarantee the purity of the Manuka honey you are buying. This testing system uses the most comprehensive and transparent checks currently available for Manuka Honey. It looks at a number of natural markers found in Manuka Honey to assure it is natural, genuine and pure.


Counterfeit product is no new thing in the Manuka Honey industry.
We have worked very hard to offer a level of assurance to our customers that they receive the exact product that left our factory. Every single one of our products has a unique code that customers can scan to verify authenticity post-purchase. We have software tracking every jar and scan so counterfeit product is shut down immediately.

Our TrustCode platform also allows us to deliver the story behind every product.


We’re serious about where our honey comes from. With a network of trusted beekeepers around the country, we’re able to fill our jars with the best quality Manuka honey every time. We know every keeper, every hive, almost every Manuka tree. It’s about trusting our sources, so you can trust our product.


Our bees make honey from nectar collected from the tiny white flowers of the native Manuka tree. That unique nectar is what gives our honey its powerful health benefits and intense flavour. We test every batch in a certified UMF lab, so you know it’s perfectly pure.

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